Use the Current Situation to Your Advantage

This 75-minute workshop will help you identify new opportunities, develop and implement ways to make your personal and professional life more exciting, and identify what’s no longer working for you.

Hi, I'm Dr.Stephanie Zeller

I created this course to empower you during times of change, hardship or transition just like the one we have all been experiencing recently with the pandemic.

I personally have an extensive history with uncertainty in my life that drove me to research all the ways to find clarity so that I could empower myself, grow my confidence and move forward authentically and with energy and vitality.

This course contains some of the key concepts I learned, experimented with and now use when I educate and work with clients as a performance coach and advisor. The tools in this workshop are powerful and when used can create clarity even in times of uncertainty.

Now more than ever we need hope and joy in our lives. This workshop is designed to bring a little bit of that back in as you are searching for internal clarity amongst the external uncertainty.

Use this course and let the power of the workshop give you a stronghold as you continue moving forward as the strong powerful person that you are within.


Use this workshop to:

*Figure Out What’s Next

*Break-through Barriers and Resistance

*Find Clarity

*Use the Pandemic to Your Advantage

This Powerful Workshop Includes:

1 - A strategic process used to help you break down barriers and find internal clarity

2 - Cutting-edge techniques using neuroplasticity

3 - Lessons on the conscious vs sub-conscious mind and how they work differently

4 - Key insights into how to increase feeling good in your life

5 - The #1 reason people get stuck in their life and a way around it

6 - Full access to the course immediately upon enrolling

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See what others are saying...

"After completing the workshop I felt excited to use what I learned and discovered. And it’s amazing how easily it can be applied into your life once you really work through the steps. This pandemic has been a time of self reflection for myself and using the break through generator has helped me make this time worthwhile." - Nicole B

"The Break-Through Generator was an extremely useful tool for me especially right now. It helped me to think about things differently, understand how I can best use my time, and generally gave me a framework for deciding how I’d like to re-enter into the world at this time. I can now see how simple shifts in how I organize my day could give me more spaciousness, energy and joy." - Vicki R

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